A season to cheer

#22 Martin Paul of the Kalskag Grizzlies gets ready for a block. photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the state finals for Mixed 6 and 2A volleyball. Mixed 6 is a unique sport and one of the only sports where boys and girls play together on a co-ed team.

This year we cheered on the Akiuk and Kalskag Grizzlies, and the Chevak Comets. These teams made us proud, they played with sportsmanship and teamwork. They are very well coached. Good job teams!

This year the Mixed 6 title goes to the Tanalian Lynx of Port Alsworth. They are also last year’s winners. I can tell you this though – they had some tough rounds with Kalskag so they did not get by that easily. And for 2A, the Craig Panthers are this year’s champions.

One year ago we were at this same tournament when the 7.1 earthquake struck southcentral Alaska. We were shaken out of our sleep to a rumbling which turned into what sounded like a freight train thundering over our heads.

It was something we had never heard or felt before. I can understand how it could have terrified folks who are not used to that kind of phenomenon. We were ready to fly at a moment’s notice if we had to.

But things calmed down slowly until there was silence, which was gratifying.

Everything was okay for us, there were a few things that had shifted around, but no damage or anything major. So we got ready to go check things out at the tournament.

Outside was chaos. There were parents picking up their kids at the schools, several buildings had caught on fire and there was smoke, the radio was blasting psa messages and instructions, callers were calling in what was going on, traffic lights were blinking, stores closed, everything shut down.

Including the tournament. The venue was changed and the schedule was updated, but it did go on to finish. We still enjoyed the games, although we still have lots to learn about the rules and what those referee calls mean.

A thought did cross our minds while we were there this year, that we should be ready lest another one strikes. But thankfully it didn’t, thank you Lord. We are grateful that no lives were lost or anyone hurt during that 7.1 event.

And it is always so good to be home after any kind of trip. We tend to miss all things about it. Thank you all for your continued support and for taking the time for everything and anything. The season of Christmas is here, prayers for peace.