A scary thought

by Peter Twitchell

Our fears are based on things we don’t know about the future. The future is about the unknown, so why worry about the unknown because it is not for certain.

Ever since the alcohol has been sold in Bethel package store(s) we’ve had this fear that we might find someone dead alongside the road. A real fear in people’s minds who care. We’ve experienced our share of tragedy in Bethel as a community, because that comes with the territory.

We’ve been fortunate that dead bodies across town has not been the case. What I see across town is people intoxicated, being belligerent and argumentative with others, nothing more than that.

In the beginning when the liquor started flowing, I noticed more people passed out and incapacitated outside residences. Either way it still looks bad, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say.

Summertime is coming when we will be using the river to travel and being on the water mixing it with alcohol is a scary thought. Historically, drinking and boating don’t mix well. As a matter of fact it has been a bad combination that spells disaster.

The old cliché “don’t drink and drive,” is the best policy and we need to respect and honor this belief, that you won’t put yourself in harm’s way, as long as you are sober.

It has always been okay to be scared. Our Ancients, our Yup’ik Ancestors have lived with this belief for generations. It has given them guidance and a safe journey from their youth to old age. It’s a wise policy we need to carry on and live.

Have a great summer, and take care, be mindful about the unknown and respect it.