A Lot of Goodness

by Peter Twitchell

I saw a lot of goodness at the 2A/B Regional basketball tournament. After a basketball game, recognition was given to a cheerleader of a different region. I really liked this.

Just as an example, let’s say a cheerleader really had a rough day at the tournament for whatever reason. I’d say that a little recognition would turn the table right side up for that girl or boy.

Thank you, I really do appreciate anyone who will find goodness in a person and recognize them, there is too little of that even in our schools.

I know that as long as I am in Alaska I will go to those tournaments featuring our schools, and just because you didn’t place in the top 3 basketball players, you were at the tournament! And, this says a lot about a person’s character and sticktoitness. Never give up, and your efforts will soon be realized and recognized by someone.

I want to THANK big time, Alaska Airlines for making their center possible for all of Alaska’s schools and others in Anchorage. The Alaska Airlines Center is a beautiful facility, and spacious and welcoming. I had no problems or any difficulties the whole time I was there.

There is something though. I was charged for $90.00 for a tournament hoodie. Not too many kids from rural areas that participated, I doubt were able to get a shirt for a souvenir. That’s too bad, sad and probably the worst kind of hurtfulness. I hope all those kids got something out of the game, just being there is enough, when it comes to having no money to get extra’s. I believe, the vendors selling tournament shirts were there to make the bucks!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks for a job well done. I for one, thoroughly enjoyed each game I attended, and everyone including the crowd was courteous and friendly. There was no foot stomping or noise to distract the players, and I didn’t have to wear earplugs. Looking forward to the next one. Quyanaqvaa, tua-i-ngunrituq!