A legacy that lasts

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

As we continue on this journey, do you ever ask yourself what or how you would like to be remembered by those that are left? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Your legacy is whatever you leave your loved ones with after you have passed on. It is what you have contributed to the world and how you left your footprints on the lives of the ones you impressed.

Sometimes we leave legacies without even trying.

It is up to us to be the best we can be for our children, grandchildren, our future grandchildren, and for our friends and family who depend on us to be there when things get rough.

In the past, legacies were passed on orally, through stories, memories, and through teaching. But those can sometimes get lost through time.

Imagining how much stuff passed through to oblivion is overwhelming. But today, we can preserve those things through photos, letters, etc.

As we age, we start to think about these things which is not really a bad thing.

One thing that we can do is teach others what we know, share our skills so they could be used and carried on to future generations. Knowing how to cook, how to prepare and take care of food, and baking are good ones because everyone likes to eat. Become a mentor whatever age you are now. What a great gift you can give to the ones you are teaching.

Each person has a certain skill, something they are excited about that they like to do. What do you like doing? What is your most favorite thing to do, the pastime that interests you.

These pastime interests, or hobbies, are often shared by family members. Children learn from their parents or grandparents and it is passed on to the next generation. Some families are known for their abilities to do something exceptionally. Even now we can think of people who have made an impression in our lives in some way.

These legacies are the ways that we remember our beloved ones who have passed on. We can remember their teachings and words so clearly sometimes because of the power of the impact they had on our lives.

We miss them so much, dear friends.

Please continue to pray, serve, and help others. Quyana to all for your kind encouragement, your words of inspiration, a nice hello. That is all it takes.