A day to remember

by Greg Lincoln

Parents, we are proud of your kids for running with all their hearts at the State Cross Country finals this past weekend. Everyone did a great job representing their schools, communities, and you – their families.

We enjoyed cheering for our local youth. They showed respect and conducted themselves humbly and graciously. Good job for making the effort to be on the team, getting those grades, listening to your teachers and coaches, and doing the work.

The state cross country meet is like a big fair with folks coming from all over the state to watch their kids run. We saw relatives from far and near, old friends, new friends, and future friends that we have not yet met.

There was also concessions and booths where you could get some memorabilia.

The highlight of the day was when our students lined up at the field at Bartlett High School. Folks were milling about, and then covering up the sidelines to watch the race start. After the shot and that first surge, some folks ran up the hill through the woods to catch the runners as they made their first turn. After that, the crowd came running back to watch the racers as they made their first round back onto the field.

Then the runners disappeared around a bushy corner and out of sight.

There were the quiet moments of waiting in anticipation. The announcer was great, they let us know who was leading. On the screen were some instantaneous results, posting times at the 2K, 3K, and 4K marks.

Leading the pack was a race leader on bike. By the third or fourth race he was soon covered in mud splatters from the churned up race course.

Photographers from media from all over the state rushed to get that shot of the finish. There were more than a few exciting race-to-the-finish duels. Some were so close!

It’s a good thing that they have cross country season first before the cold weather hits.

Attending this race reminds us of the days when we cheered on our own runner. That day was identical to last Saturday, with the cool fall weather and the brilliant foliage. What great memories, thank you for doing that for us. That day was awesome, amazing, unforgettable. We loved the cheers from the crowd, the exhilaration of watching you race and finish, our hearts pounding.

And now all the racers, parents, coaches, and school staff have their own memories to cherish from this year’s race, which is incredible. We hope to see you again there next year.

Quyana to our friends for the gifts of moose and fish, for your most-needed prayers and for your help when we need a hand, and for watching over us.