296 marijuana plants seized in Tok

On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, Fairbanks SDEU received a tip regarding an illegal marijuana grow operation at a residence near milepost 1316 of the Alaska Highway. The following day, investigators with Fairbanks SDEU traveled to Tok to begin working the case with the assistance of the local Alaska State Troopers Post.

Troopers arrived on the property and contacted a man at the residence. Troopers noticed a strong odor of marijuana while they were on the property. The resident was cooperative with troopers on scene and gave consent for the property to be searched and illegal marijuana plants to be seized.

Investigators located 296 marijuana plants in different stages of growth in a large shop adjacent to the residence. Also located was 10 pounds of processed marijuana packaged into quarter ounce bags. The plants and the processed marijuana were seized. The total street value of the marijuana (product and plants) is estimated at about $604,000.

Charges have been forward to the DA’s Office for MICS III x 3.

The Marijuana Control Board has useful information regarding the legalities of marijuana for both personal use and commercial use on its website.