26th annual Cookie Extravaganza a success

Bethel Lifesavers volunteer at the 26th annual Cookie Extravaganza last Sunday afternoon. All the delicious cookies and fudge and sweetbreads disappeared in 13 minutes during the fundraiser. Photo courtesy of YK Delta Lifesavers

by Beverly Hoffman

$3,677 was raised at the 26th Y/K Delta Lifesavers Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! In just 13 minutes hundreds of cookies disappeared as cookie buyers scurried around the tables full of baked Christmas delights.

Thirty-seven bakers donated over two hundred pounds of beautiful Christmas cookies, fudge and breads for the event on Sunday December 15.

YK Life saver organizers say it was one of the biggest crowds ever.

The money raised will help the Y/ K Delta Lifesaver Endowment fund grow and in turn it will support swim programs and events at the YK Fitness Center. If you would like to support the lifesavers visit bcsfoundation.org and go to the Y/K Lifesaver Link.

The Lifesavers would like to thank all the Christmas Cookie Buyers and the following Christmas Cookie bakers and volunteers:

Barrie Levin, Chris Desnoyers, Kathy Hanson, Justin Wintersteen, Kathy Baldwin, Beverly Hoffman, Jonica Thomas, Kathleen Pelkan, Lauren Rabi, Eileen Arnold, Sue Angstman, Tish Guinn, Fran Sosa and her kids Leah, Matthew and Olivya, 12 year old Madison Davenport, Billie Chavez, Paula Jones, Michelle DeWitt, Becky Trimble, Judy Wasierski, Reyne Athanas, Lori Strickler, Bethel 4-H After School Club, Shari Neth, Alicia Miner, Dolly Angstman, Tracy Beans, Lye-Ching Wong, Danielle Craven, Janet Kaiser, Elizabeth Roll and daughters Greta and Eleanor, Tina Stickman, Bob and Elizabeth Hoffman, Luvee Southerland and Moisha Dunkley, Colette Whelan, Teddi Worrock, Jill Hoffman, Nili Sundown and Margaret “Tootsie” Guinn.

Lifesaver volunteers include, Stacey Rearden and her YK Fitness Center Staff, Casey McDonald, Beverly Hoffman, Greta Roll Whitney, Elizabeth Roll, Chelsea Hoffman and daughter Gwen Street, Kathy Baldwin, Tish Guinn, Cindy Andrecheck, Judy Wasierski, David Simon and Dolly Angstman and Michelle DeWitt. Many thanks to AC, Swanson’s and KC Supply for trays and gloves.

Merry Christmas and Quyana from the Y/K Delta Lifesavers!