Inside Bethel News

YKHC increased COVID-19 Testing

by YKHC Staff YKHC is offering COVID-19 testing to every person visiting a YKHC facility in the Delta. Testing all patients and caretakers will increase early detection of the virus in communities. Increased testing may […]


For Sale

Hitzer Amish built woodstoves. UHMW Plastic sled runners. 543-2379. (11)(3/1-cnx) FOR SALE 300 Gallon Plastic Water Tanks in stock. Call Shorty at Shorty’s Shop for pricing. 543-3158 or 545-3157 (19)(9/18-cnx) For Sale: Plastic Water Tanks […]


God’s Preferred Pronouns

by Tad Lindley After the recent acquittal of former President Donald Trump, US Congressman, Eric Swallwell (who had been hoping for an impeachment) expressed his frustration saying, “We could have called God herself [as a […]

Delta Lifestyles

K300 virtual awards ceremony wraps up 2021 event

by Delta Discovery Staff The Kuskokwim 300 held a live virtual awards ceremony online with pre-recorded musher post-race comments and thank-yous, plus a special sportsmanship award presentation. The live awards ceremony took place on February […]

Letters to the Editor

The YK Delta Flight School

I would like to take this opportunity, and also on behalf of the twenty four other flight school students, all from the Yukon Kuskokwim delta of 1999, to thank Mr. Francis Reich publicly, with a […]

Delta Fishin’ Report

Cutting fish at Yuvv’aq

Danielle Moss of Bethel works on cutting her fish at Yuvv’aq near the mouth of the Johnson River. She enjoyed going fishing and caught 20 total. Photo taken on February 14th, 2021.

Delta Fishin’ Report

40” Eek River Pike

Nick Carter, age 67, caught this huge 40” pike at Luqruuyagpak 15 miles above his village of Eek. They cut up the fish for drying.