2018 Kuskokwim Ice Classic winners

The Kuskokwim Ice Classic pod is up and ready for when the ice moves on the river in front of Bethel.

Back on May 2nd, 2018, the Kuskokwim Ice Classic pod started to sink through the rotting ice of the river. Folks lined the banks, watching and waiting. Then, as the clock struck 7:51pm, the 100-foot line tripped the timer.
Two people, Lilly Carter of Kwigillingok and Ben Kuntz of Bethel are the winners of the 2018 Kuskokwim Ice Classic. They split the jackpot of $12,500. Carter and Kuntz both guessed the exact time: May 2, 2018 at 7:51pm.
The winner of the Minute Madness Second Chance contest is William Savo of Dillingham. He purchased minute 51 to win the $10,000 prize.
The Break Up Bash took place at the riverfront on May 4th, 2018 featuring Eskimo Dancing by the BRHS Dancers, free hot dogs courtesy of AC Co., a performance by Yup’ik singer Byron Nicholai, live music by Mike McIntyre and friends, and free life jackets donated by Donlin Gold. It is the fourteenth year that there has been live music entertainment at the Bash.
Groups who participated in the fundraising effort for the ice classic were recognized and presented with their fundraising awards.
The ice classic pod was recovered as it had washed up onto Lomack Beach on its own.