2018 JNYO Games Results

Mik'ngayaq Angelika Woods representing Ayaprun Elitnaurvik participates in the girls One Foot High Kick during JNYO in Anchorage last weekend. photo by Tommy Bayayok

Kyann Miller of Bethel, representing Gladys Jung Elementary School won the Alaskan High Kick event for the girls this past weekend at the Junior Native Youth Olympic games in Anchorage. She kicked 61” for the gold medal. Her teammate Katya Carl, also of Gladys Jung, placed 3rd with her kick of 58”.
Miller also placed 2nd in the One Foot High Kick event at a final height of 76”. Kyann is the daughter of Mark and Cheryl Miller.
Other Bethel athletes earning medals include Nicholas Tweto who won the bronze medal also in the Alaskan High Kick at 58” and Mason Beans-Polk who tied for 2nd place in the boys 2 Foot High Kick.
Angelika Mik’ngayaq Woods also participated representing Ayaprun Elitnaurvik School.
The team from Bethel is coached by Tommy Bayayok. Bayayok said that this is his last year of coaching. He has supported our JNYO athletes through his many years of teaching the values and techniques of the games. Best wishes to Coach Bayayok.
JNYO is for athletes in grades 1st-6th and is sponsored by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council. The games were held February 23-25, 2018 at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex at UAA.
JNYO Results
Alaskan High Kick
1st Kyann Miller, Gladys Jung, 61”
2nd Samantha Grisham, Larson, 58” 2 misses
3rd Katya Carl, Gladys Jung, 58”, 3 misses
4th Keilee Backus, Fronteras, 56”, 1 miss
5th Nia Wesley, Machetanz, 56”, 4 misses
1st Lee Whitlock, Ravenwood, 63”
2nd Gabe Baldwin, Teeland, 60”
3rd Nicholas Tweto, Gladys Jung, 58”
4th Eli Ingle, Machetanz, 56”
5th William Wilson, Kenaitze, 56”, 1 miss
One Foot High Kick
1st Keilee Backus, Fronteras, 76”, 2 misses
2nd Kyann Miller, Gladys Jung, 76”, 3 misses
3rd Nia Wesley, Machetanz, 74”
4th Emilee Wilson, Kenaitze, 74”
5th Robin Cronin, Seward, 72” 1 miss
1st William Wilson, Kenaitze, 83”
2nd Logan Parker, Colony, 82”
3rd Gunner Mountcastle, Ravenwood, 76”, 1 miss
4th Noah Whitted, Big Lake, 76”, 3 misses
5th Gabe Baldwin, Teeland, 72”
Two Foot High Kick
1st Kailey Dixon, Larson, 54” 3 misses
2nd Lillian Marina, Machetanz, 54”, 4 misses
3rd Claire Walstrum, Machetanz, 53”
4th Daisy Van Blarcom, Larson, 51”
5th Mia Bukala, Knik, 50”
1st Braydon Sparrs, Machetanz, 54”
2nd Mason Beans-Polk, Gladys Jung, 50”
2nd Bryson Diola, Ursa Minor, 50”
4th Hunter Belliston, Larson, 51”, 2 misses
5th Mylz Mongeau, Larson, 50”