2018-19 Upriver Science Fair Kuspuk School District

Students from Stony River, Sleetmute, Crooked Creek, and Chuathbaluk participated in their annual Upriver Science Fair. This year the fair was held in Crooked Creek. Photo by Dave Bonnano

by Dave Bonanno

The Upriver Science Fair was held in Crooked Creek on February 6th and 7th, 2019. Students participated from Stony River, Sleetmute, Crooked Creek and Chuathbaluk. 7 people flew to Crooked Creek from Stony River and Chuathbaluk, and students from Sleetmute participated via video conference/zoom meeting.

The theme this year was river life and all of the plants and animals that it supports. Students had the opportunity to participate in activities including the salmon life cycle, looking at owl pellets, and dissecting a fish.

Students arrived on Wednesday, and had 2 days of fun and educational activities. Returning flights were delayed, but all students made it back home by Saturday, February 9th.

Results of judging:

6-12th Grade Division

1st Place – Desirae Morgan – SLQ

“The fork length of juvenile King and Coho Salmon”

2nd Place – Honey Andreanoff – SLQ

“Juvenile Fish & their preferred Habitat”

3rd Place – Harlen Waskey and James Zaukar – CKD

“What Makes the Ice Melt the Fastest?”

4-5th Grade Division

1st Place – Kayla Effemka and Kiley Hayden – SLQ

“Pond Water Organisms”

2nd Place – Neal Sanford – SLQ

“The Sugar Cube Race”

3rd Place – Tatiana Bobby, Dan Gusty, Audray Willis, Shane Zaukar – SRV

“Battery Power: Voltage vs. Current”