Climbing the Wall of “All”

by Tad Lindley If you live life behind the Wall of All, the scripture that I present to you is going to be difficult to believe. Even though I am writing this column, I have […]

Village Telegraph

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch (Ceqpilunaq)

by Frank Keim What an amazing finch (sparrow) this is. No one will see it during the nesting season unless you are exploring the high ridges of the highest mountain ranges in the LYK Delta. […]


Please respect others property

by Peter Twitchell Sunday, May 28, 2016 I checked in my two pieces of luggage and a tote in Anchorage at 0945 hours. When I got home to Bethel, I checked my bags and tote […]

Delta Fishin’ Report

Federal public waters of the Kuskokwim River will be opened June 12 for Chinook Salmon by Federally Qualified Subsistence Users

In consultation with the Kuskokwim River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Federal In-season Manager announces the opening of the Federal public waters of the Kuskokwim River main-stem within […]

Heard it in the Steam House

2017 AVCP President’s Award Nominations

Every year, AVCP recognizes outstanding individuals from within our region with the AVCP President’s Award. The awards will be distributed at the annual AVCP Convention and the awarded will be forwarded for a chance to […]


A Split Personality

by Dr. Lorin Bradbury Question: Is a Split Personality the same as Schizophrenia? Answer: The answer to that question is “No.” They are not the same. At present, it is believed that Schizophrenia is a […]

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Gone Fishin’

by Joseph Lawrence It was mid August, 2016. Our good deeds to the elders who no longer could provide for themselves was finally going to pay off with the fish and other catch we gave […]


For Sale

  Hitzer Amish built woodstoves. JHMW Plastic sled runners. 543-2379. (11)(3/1-cnx) FOR SALE 300 Gallon Plastic Water Tanks in stock. Call Shorty at Shorty’s Shop for pricing. 543-3158 or 545-3157 (19)(9/18-cnx) 18’ SSV Lund with […]

Delta Fishin’ Report

AVCP calls for reinstatement of Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Executive Order

by AVCP Staff The Executive Board and Administration of the Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP), representing 56 federally recognized Tribes in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, is deeply disappointed with the Implementing An America-First Offshore Energy […]

Heard it in the Steam House

American Red Cross of Alaska saves lives

by Lisa Miller The American Red Cross of Alaska responds to calls for assistance, on average, almost once a day state-wide. In April, 46 people were assisted; of those assisted, at least 18 were children […]

Letters to the Editor

Save the PFD

The problem our Government in Alaska, with its Obama-era Leftovers still in power, is that they are down there in their own little world, with the Lobbyists and the ever present threat of being PUNISHED […]


Gingered Salmon

by Millie Bentley Greetings. While I was “fishing” for a recipe I remembered this old but very good one from a lady named Kate. She was with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Kate […]

From The Editor

Once Our Way

  by Greg Lincoln The earliest known film about a Yup’ik community made by a Yup’ik filmmaker has been saved and digitally restored. “Once Our Way” was directed, produced, and photographed by Andrew J. Chikoyak […]

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Mountains full of snow and birds

by Ned Rozell May 11, 2017: In the early going of my second hike across Alaska along the route of the Trans-Alaska pipeline, I chose to walk the highway rather than the pipe’s route to […]