2017 State Archery Tournament Results

Photo by Rafe Johnson (2016)

by Rafe Johnson

The Bethel Schools Archery Team competed against 26 teams and 533 archers this past week to determine State Champion and National Qualifiers. Below are the individual and team results from the tournament.

Coach Johnson and Coach Wheeler would like to thank all of the parents and fans whom helped us out throughout the year. We would also like to give a special thanks to Amy Johnson, Rachel DeHaan and Skip Rice for their constant dedication to Bethel Archery.

High School State Runner Up Team

Name, Total

Hunter Dull, 288

Rylee Johnson, 278

Gareth Rice, 275

Cameron Blevins, 269

Brianna Evan, 261

Alyssa Kostelnik, 253

Madison Abolafia, 250

Simon Snow, 243

Madisen Smith, 231

Andrea Lee, 229

Deja Jackson, 224

Daniel Chakuchin, 222

High School Boys Individual State Runner Up: Hunter Dull

High School Girls Individual State Runner Up: Rylee Johnson

High School Individual National Qualifiers: Rylee Johnson, Hunter Dull, Gareth Rice, Brianna Evan

Jr High State Championship Team

Name, Total

Luke Snow, 278

Randy Turner, 274

Madison Glore, 271

Jordan Wheeler, 270

Ellis Johnson, 265

Samuel Beans-Polk, 263

Axel Madson, 263

Kayla Beckham, 261

Tyler Laraux, 258

Kyele Foss, 255

Laban Hughes, 251

Marion Swope, 244

Middle School Boys State Individual Runner Up: Luke Snow

Middle School Boys State Individual 3rd Place: Randy Turner

Middle School Girls State Individual 4th Place: Madison Glore

Middle School Girls State Individual 5th Place: Jordan Wheeler

Middle School National Qualifiers Individual: Luke Snow, Randy Turner, Madison Glore, Jordan Wheeler, Axel Madson, Samuel Beans-Polk, and Kayla Beckham

Elementary State Championship Team

Name, Total

Emily Madsen, 254

Josiah Swope, 254

Rylee Murphy, 251

Jerralyn White, 249

Nolan Blevins, 240

Leah Valadez, 230

Sedula Evans, 227

Hannah Howell, 225

Nicholas Twito, 224

Matthew Chagluak, 211

Isabella Valcarce, 210

Tyler Tikiun, 210

Elementary Boys State Individual Runner Up: Ellis Johnson

Elementary Boys State Individual 3rd Place: Josiah Swope

Elementary Girls State Individual 3rd Place: Emilie Madson

Elementary Girls State Individual 4th Place: Rylee Murphy

Elementary Girls State Individual 5th Place: Jerralyn White

Elementary National Qualifiers Individual: Ellis Johnson, Josiah Swope, Nolan Blevins, Sedula Evans, Emilie Madson, Rylee Murphy, Jerralyn White, Leah Valadez

The kids traveling to Kentucky will be determined later next week for the 2017 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT – BULLSEYE AND IBO 3D CHALLENGE to be held May 11-13, 2017 at the KY Expo Center, in Louisville, Kentucky. For all results please go to http://nasptournaments.org/TournamentDetail.aspx?tid=1894.

Rafe Johnson is the PE/Math Teacher and National Archery in the Schools Trainer and Coach at the Gladys Jung Elementary School in Bethel.