LKSD Jr. High Speech Results

Participants in the Lower Kuskokwim School District's Junior High Speech Contest gather for a group photo after the awards ceremony. Photo courtesy of Sharon Wegner

by Sharon Wegner

The LKSD District JR high speech contest was held in Bethel March 20-21, 2018. There were 52 students (7 students less than last year) from 11 schools (Akiuk, Akula, Chefornak, Gladys Jung, Goodnews Bay, Mekoryuk, Nightmute, Platinum, Toksook Bay, Tuntutuliak and Tununak.
Kongiganak and Oscarville planned on attending but did not make it to Bethel.
Platinum participated in the speech contest for the first time!!!!
Here are the results:
English Expository
1. Elliot Gill-Gladys Jung
2. Samantha Fowler-Tuntutuliak
3. Freida James-Platinum
Yupik Expository
1. Katie Demientieff-Akiuk
English Dramatic Interpretation
1. Lilly Fowler-Tuntutuliak
2. Jordan Klejka-Gladys Jung
3. Anna Howard-Gladys Jung
Yup’ik Dramatic Interpretation
1. Jelsa Beaver-Akula
2. Kaylila Johnston-Akula
3. Marie Twitchell-Akiuk
English Original Oration
1. Vjosa Pellumbi-Gladys Jung
2. Maya Komulainan-Gladys Jung
3. Drini Pellumbi-Gladys Jung
Yupik Original Oration
English Humorous Interpretation
1. Claire Schneidiler-Akiuk
2. Courtney Lincoln #1-Toksook Bay
3. Courtney Lincoln #2-Toksook Bay
Yupik Humorous Interpretation
1. Shontiana Flynn-Tununak

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