Gray-cheeked Thrush Yuulerviaguq/Suulerviaguq

July 25, 2017 0

by Frank Keim The Gray-cheeked thrush is probably the shyest of all the brown-backed thrushes. You won’t see them very often during their migration, because they do so at night, although since the boreal north […]


Trumpeter Swan (Caqulegpak)

May 9, 2017 0

by Frank Keim If you’ve watched Trumpeter swans, there are two things you notice right from the get-go: their enormous size and their loud resonant call, which reminds me of, well, a trumpet. Trumpeters are […]


Red-necked Grebe Aayuli/Aarayuli

February 20, 2017 0

by Frank Keim The Yup’ik names of the Red-necked grebe describe this bird well. Both of the above names mean, “the one that really knows how to moan and scream loud.” Yes, indeed, they are […]